5 Pointers For Dealing With Vaginal Odour

The previous article showed us the causes of vaginal odour. Not one to give a half cup of the juicy stuff, here’s how you can deal with vaginal odour;

1.  Watch your diet

Best to start by eating less sugar. Blood sugar is proven to cause yeast infections and buildup, which will cause bad odor. You may also want to try eating pineapple. Though there is no scientific evidence, many people swear by the idea that pineapple improves both taste and smell for both genders. Also, yogurt is considered to be a great way to help keep a healthy vagina.

2. Use perfume

It is not advisable to use perfume too close to your vagina however, it is advisable to put a dab of it on the inside of each of your thighs. Roughly six inches from the vulva area; as this will help counter any possible odor.

3. Use wet wipes

The fragrance-free products are a better choice when using baby wipes. Preferably, the ones used for babies as there are fewer chemical contents and they are fragrance free options. And remember to only clean your vulva. DO NOT put wet wipes, wash clothes and soap inside your vagina.

4. Wash regularly

It is important to know that you need to shower and wash regularly to smell good.

5. Use the right soap

In as much there’s no specified soap for washing your sensitive area, using the wrong types of can cause irritation and bad odor. Try as much as you can to avoid soaps that are heavily perfumed as they may contain too many unnatural ingredients or have antibacterial properties. Because they upset the natural balance of your body. Instead, use natural soaps, especially the ones that are labeled as being fragrance-free.


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