25-yr-old kidnapper who says he drinks the blood of his victims, demonstrates how he assembles his gun

A video footage is currently circulating online showing how a 25-year old Fulani kidnap kingpin identified as Ibrahim Umar, was being hailed by police officers as he stunned them by assembling an AK-47 rifle within minutes.

The kidnapper was arrested and paraded alongside 15 others by the Nigerian Police, earlier this month when he disclosed that he had not only killed over ten of his kidnapped victims in recent times but also drank their blood raw.

In the trending footage, the young criminal who is currently in custody – can be seen assembling the gun as he was cheered by police officers at the station.

He equally disclosed that he hunts and kills soldiers to get their arms and uniforms for operations whenever he was in need of the items. What stands Umar’s kidnap gang out among many others across the country is that it kills the victims even after collecting ransom from their families.

Watch the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by-ba8VI-N4]




  1. A kidnapper and also a criminal is entertaining the Nigerian police by stripping and assembling Ak47. Pls tell me, why are they still keeping him alive? Is he not in the same category with all these so called Don Wanna and others. God pls help this Country

  2. It all shows that Nigeria as a nation is a failed state. I wonder why our politicians is still talking of 2019 when they have not done anything about the problems we have 2018. police well done. politicians create the problem, while you guys risk your life to solve it.

  3. Who will comment, since they are in authority what can they not do? Pls stop deceiving us.
    No comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. can u imagine… the Nigeria police force cheering a kidnapper (probably a cannibal) and still keeping him/them alive

    later, they’ll say he escaped police costudy
    y isn’t he been punished already, considering the fact that he’s a murderer


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