You Won’t Believe This Woman Walked Free After Stabbing Her Lover In The Face

A young woman has stabbed her own boyfriend in his face but escaped being sent to prison and the reason will surprise you.

Stephanie Roberts, a 20-year-old girl who slashed her boyfriend in the face and threatened to kill him with a knife has been spared jail after a court heard she was “charming”.
According to Daily Star UK, the young woman knifed her lover Ravi Benitez, 19, with a seven-inch kitchen knife when she visited him at Warwick University.
She had taken anti-psychotic drug Xanax before going out drinking with him and his friends last year on November 24.
Roberts then attacked Mr Benitez with the blade after they arrived back his flat and threatened to kill him.
A security guard managed to wrestle the knife away from her after she had slashed his face and hand.
The judge heard she was “an intelligent young woman of integrity and charm” when she appeared at Warwick Crown Court.
She was spared jailed and handed a two-year suspended sentence for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
The court heard witnesses described Roberts of going “crazy” after she downed booze and drugs with Mr Benitez and his friends.
Roberts was in “a high emotional state,” and wanted to call her father, but her phone was not working, so Mr Benitez gave her his phone.
As she called her father, asking him to come and pick her up, she armed herself with a large red-handled kitchen knife and began to kick and slash at Mr Benitez’s door.
The court heard Roberts pointed the knife at Mr Benitez before telling him: “I’d rather kill the person who’s f****ed me up the most – you. I know perfectly well what I’m doing.”
She then called her father, telling him: “You need to get me before I kill him, you need to get me right now.”
A security guard was recorded on his bodycam asking Roberts to drop the knife, telling her: “You’ll make it a hell of a lot worse.”
Roberts said to her father: “I’m not putting anything down until you come and get me. Come and get me right now. I will kill Ravi, OK?”
Roberts then lunged at Mr Benitez slashing his face and to his hand, telling him: “You liar, you liar. You lied to me, you liar.”
She then changed her grip to what Prosecutor Steven Bailey described as “the classic stabbing grip”, and lunged across the bed at Mr Benitez.
Security officers then rushed forward and managed to overpower her, wresting the knife from her.
Mr Benitez suffered deep stab wounds to his cheek and index finger, and a cut to his nose.
Adam Western, defending, said: “She had been subject to controlling behaviour and isolated from her friends.
“She says he manipulated her entirely. She is described as an intelligent young woman of integrity and charm.”
The judge described their relationship as “toxic” and featured him providing her with the tranquilliser Xanax “on a regular basis”.
Judge Sylvia de Bertodano said: “It was a very, very dangerous way to behave, because if you take out a knife when you are distressed and angry and have had a lot to drink, you can cause very serious injuries indeed.
“Both he and you are very fortunate you did not do so on this occasion.
“But I have read a great deal about you, and both the prosecution and the defence accept I must sentence you according to your basis of plea which makes clear you had for some time been the victim of a mentally abusive relationship.
“Your circumstances had pushed you to the limit, and the combination of drink and drugs that had been supplied to you by him that night were sufficient to push you over the edge.”
Roberts was given a two-year suspended sentence, a rehabilitation activity and a restraining order banning her from having any contact with Mr Benitez.

Source: DailyStarUK


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