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Toyin Lawani fights for copyright



Celebrity designer, Toyin Lawani, also known as Tiannah, is at loggerhead with a young designer, who mass-produced one of her Elegante designs and used her picture in the collage.

Expressing how peeved she was, the CEO of Tiannah Empire said she will use all within her power to protect her designs from being duplicated and sold.

“This people Need to stop messing up my work,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Gosh, they need to stop using my beautiful pictures to sell this mess.”

However, a follower of hers, giftedfingerswigs, explained that most people cannot afford her high price.

“I am not disputing the fact that it’s not yours,” wrote giftedfingerswigs.

“You have been my role model from day one. And I look up to. But do you know too many people can’t afford your wears, but they love it. And I never knew they used your picture as the collage. I thought you collage the picture to show us the difference and for those who feel they can produce the design for clients who cannot afford hers.”

The single mother of two has called on the designers to use their creative minds to do something better and not ruin her work for her clients.

“When I see copies of my dress looking like hanger ibo, I roll on the floor,” she wrote.

“It’s meant to be a good thing when people copy your work, but I’m sorry it’s a no for me and my prestigious clients, who will buy the dress for 220k from you when they see it at Ketu Ojota bus top. This needs to stop in Nigeria. If you want to copy why not switch it around a bit or better still copy it right, yack this is totally disgusting.”

Lawani also said that the young designer insulted her person by using her picture to promote the mass production.

“That’s my picture on far right,” she wrote.

“They did the collage, I never did, and have your ever seen this design back in the days? I used my brain, they should use theirs, it’s so sweet in you people’s mouth to say it’s not a big deal, because you do the same from magazines.

“But it’s wrong on all levels to ruin someone’s hard earn work like this. When it happens to you, you will know how it feels, keep supporting nonsense, this makes Nigeria even worse than it is. Did they tell you I didn’t know how to mass-produce, but my creations are exclusive, my styles standout. That’s what my clients pay millions for. Then they set into a party and start seeing every Tom, Dick and Harry wear a rubbish copy of it.”

source: Thenation

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1 Comment

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I Am Not Religious, But I Know ‘There Is God’ – Singer, Omah Lay



Omah Lay

Omah Lay

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Omah Lay, has revealed his religious inclinations in a Twitter chat with fans. The Afro-pop artist, who is currently BET’s International Artist of the Month, chose to engage his fans in a question-and-answer session when a question about his religious background was thrown at him.

“Notice that you acknowledge God in your lyrics quite often.. you know for a mainstream artiste. Is this a background influence? #AskOmahLay“, the question reads.

Replying the tweet, the ‘Damn’ crooner writes that although he is not religious, he knows the God that exists is not male.

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In his words:

“I’m not religious, but I know there is a God And he is not a man.”

See his reply below:

The singer’s reply

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BBNaija’s Tolani Baj Visits Ikorodu Monarch; Gifts Him A Large Portrait



Former BBNaija Lockdown housemate, Tolani Baj, has paid a visit to the Ayangburen of Ikorodu Land, Oba Kabiru Adewale Shotobi.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to share photos from her visit. She also shared a photo of the Royal King receiving the large portrait of himself presented to him.

She captioned the photos thus:

 “Tolani Baj is a brand beyond entertainment. The goal is to be a woman of power, influence & inspiration #Royalty.”

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Information Nigeria recalls the multiple brand ambassador was tutored on the benefits of being a dark-skinned woman by actress Etinosa Idemudia after she cried out they are often underrated.

See her Instagram post below:

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Williams Uchemba Reacts After He Was Accused Of Being Gay



Kosi Ugo, Williams Uchemba

Kosi Ugo, Williams Uchemba

Popular Nigerian actor, Williams Uchemba responded on Tuesday to an accusation that he is gay and he is strictly into men.

A blogger, identified as Kosi Ugo, had taken to Facebook to accuse the actor of being a homosexual. Kosi Ugo wrote;

“What I can never bring myself to understand is why a man who is strictly into men will go and pick one innocent woman and marry, for what bikonu?

It’s better your wife deals with a side chick than to deal with a side cock; where she wan start from?

“My husband is cheating on me with another man.”

This Uche Williams marriage is dead on arrival. It’s only a matter of time his wife will come out crying like that of Ken Eric’s.

By the way, if you don’t know that Uche is gay, you’re very late to the party.”

Ugo’s post

Ugo’s post

In response to this, Uchemba, who recently tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, addressed the allegation levied against him and he threatened to take up legal action against anyone who attempts to slander his name.

The actor wrote;

“Someone brought something to my attention recently. I read it with amusement and decided to speak immediately. Usually I would ignore this but for some reasons I think its important to address it.

Let me clarify the following

1. My name is Williams Uche Mbah not Uche Williams

2. For those of you calling my attention or linking me with the accusation in question, let me clearly state that I don’t know anyone by the name of Uche Williams.

3. If anyone has any accusation against me, Williams Uche Mbah, they should feel free to make it.

4. Anyone with an accusation against Williams Uche Mbah must ensure they have evidence to back it. Because if the accusation is false, I will respond with the full weight of every legal option at my disposal. Usually, I ignore fools and slanderers but in this case I am glad to make an exception.

5. This is the last I will speak on this issue until any accusation has been made directly to me. I just got married to the love of my life and we are planning our honeymoon. I dont have time to waste on foolishness. I dont like what I hate.

One more thing, chasing clout seems like fun until clout turns around and bites you. And the greatest response to a cloutchaser is to ignore them completely.

God bless you all and have a lovely day.”

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See his post below:

The actor’s post

The actor’s post

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