Social media star falls to his death while trying to do pull-ups on a skyscraper

26-year-old, Wu Yongning, fell to his death, from a skyscraper in a daring $15,100 challenge as he sought to use his fame to help lift his family out of poverty, media reported.

Wu Yongning was known for his daring feats on tall buildings – AsiaWire

The stuntman, who had about one million followers on the Chinese internet, fell from the summit of the 62-storey Huayuan Hua Centre in the central city of Changsha, as he attempted to scoop 100,000 yuan ($15,100) for a clip promoting an unnamed sponsor, reports say.

Wu was well known for his fearless stunts, scaling towering skyscrapers without any safety equipment whatsoever.

According to reports from Yahoo, he has over 300 videos of him, tip-toeing on scaffolding, or doing stunts, pull-ups as he hung from the side of huge buildings and they were all shared by his fans who loved him.

However, his account on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, went silent around a month ago after he purportedly attempted the Changsha skyscraper.

And last Friday his girlfriend wrote online: “Today is December 8th. It makes me think of November 8th, the day you left us and left this world.”

The Changsha Evening News said Mr Wu was seeking to make money for his poverty-striken family and pay medical costs for his mother, who suffers from a mental condition.

Local officials said authorities would support his family following the accident.

Police confirmed that Mr Wu died when he fell from the Huayuan Hua Centre on November 8, reports said.

The daring amateur stunt man is filmed lowering himself.
He is then seen hanging before dropping off the edge
He then seems to struggle to get back up
But he cannot get up and he loses his grip and falls to his death.

His family were quoted in a news portal run by Beijing News that he was due to receive a huge cash payout for a two minute clip on a Changsha skyscraper on the same date.

Additional reporting by Christine Wei.

Source: Yahoo News.



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