See the Controversial Makeup by a Social Media Slay Queen That Has Left Many People Talking (Photos)

A social media slay queen has been advised by Nigerians to employ the services of a professional after she released controversial eyebrow photos.

The slay queen and her controversial eyebrow painting

Many people have expressed different opinions after an alleged social media slay queen shared controversial makeup photos of herself while posing for the camera.

The alleged slay queen whose eyebrows were painted in an unusual manner was advised to employ the services of a professional stylist instead of embarrassing herself with such a makeup.

Many people say the case is a matter of makeup gone wrong.

Read comments below:

Chydo Lawrence: It’s truly on fleek.

Idi ka Ekpo Umuahia, girls be drawing “Rail Way” on the brows this days, ask her what’s her occupation now and she will say “proudly MUA” Wash this thing on your face and it can literally paint a one bedroom flat..

Ricky Berry: She just drew her own trumpet she’s probably gonna use on the last day……my sister something is seriously doing u………..

No wonder they kept u at the back seat so u don’t create a scene on the road………..this one na Calabar Mask

Jenny Iz: Daughter of Jezebel SMH
Issoky kontinue.

Later na you will say you need a God fearing man when God himself dey fear you
Mtchewww plz give me a glass of water jare..

Josh Noni: Wow!!! The association of make up and beauty admires of Nigeria have come to conclusion after serious deliberation, and analysis to say you are beautiful via.. Sweetselfie filters, camera360 filters, Snapchat filters… And if without them my great grand mama in the village will be more beautiful than u..

Ezeigwe Martin: Jesus Christ! Slay gini?Please, is she wearing a mask? Please I don’t want to have bad dream.

Meanwhile, I always hated weddings because old people would come over and poke me saying “You’re next.”. They stopped when I started doing it to them at funerals….LOL 😂

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