Photos of How Graduating Students Of Osun State College Signed Out. (Photos)

You know how graduating students tend to go wild when they’re having their sign out session after they’re done with their last paper in school yeah? Well, these students took wild to another level and as can be obviously seen, they’re quite happy to be done with school.

The photos were shared on Facebook and particularly the ones were a lady’s bosom were fitted into guys’ fist were the ones that made us realize how happy these students are to be out of school.

See photos below:



  1. This is crazy seriously, I hope youths will really understand what signing out of school means. School management can do something about this rash attitude.

  2. The admin is not serious to have this post here. we need a meaningful news not how a student signed out, we are left concern with this……..Student can be funny, go get news from good sources n STP posting this rubbish.

  3. lolz, for ona mind.. u tink say na to hold girl breast na be the thing. u graduate from SCH and u nor get job how e go b, abi na d girl breast go give u job.. bra abeg post better thing…

  4. this is totally rubbish, an immoral act that needs to be sanctioned seriously with great punishment.

    its so nonsensical and disgracing to humanity.

    may God forgive them.

  5. i didn’t see anytyn crazy about the pictures, the only crazy tynz i saw dere was hw foolish they sound rejoicing wen they can still spill and av extra year in sch…. radarada

  6. rubbish they are done with schooling and graduate with nothing in their head, because i believe a real graduate won’t act in that manner.. now they said they are done in schooling letter they said no work in Nigeria while they dont have anything in their head to present to any company. well that’s their fate but its a pity for telling us u are a graduate in need.


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