Nigerians react to DJ Cuppy selling the least tickets to her show for N500k

Nigerian music producer DJ Cuppy is currently being criticize by Nigerians online for selling tickets to her End of the year show for N500k.

The billionaire daughter will be performing at the Eko Hotels and Suites on the 31st of December, alongside other DJs.

The least ticket is been sold for N500,000, while the max ticket is selling for N1,200,000.

The tickets are on sale as thus;

GOLD: N1,200,000
DIAMOND: N1,000,000
CRYSTAL: N750,000
PLATINUM: N500,000

While some Nigerians have been bashing her for putting such a high price for a show, some have come to her defense saying she knows her type of target audience.

Reacting to this, one user said; “Lmaooo I wouldn’t even go watch DJ cuppy for free. 😂”

“DJ Cuppy’s show on Dec 31,regular ticket is 500k….Vvip is 1.2mil. Only her and her father’s friends will attend, I’ll use church to enter 2018” Another user tweeted.

Another user had this to say;

“Poverty is a big problem in Nigeria. See people trash talking DJ Cuppy just cos her tickets are outside their reach. Na wa o. Me sef no fit afford am, but I won’t go all out hating. One day I’d be able to afford $30,000 tickets”

See more reactions below:

source: Gistreel


  1. Fuck DJ cuppy,since she is a billoniars daughter wat will she do wit all d money for d tickets,mtcwww,pls o,nobody will use my sweat to buy porche


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