New star of Love & Hip Hop Miami, Amara La Negra goes completely nude in new Photoshoot (18+ Photos)

With Love & Hip Hop Miami set to be premiered on the 1st of January 2018, Amara La Negra, a Miami-born Dominican singer and dancer will be introduced as one of its new stars in the reality television franchise.

The gorgeous black Amara who is obviously looking forward to the premiere recently took part in a naked photoshoot.

According to reports, the full set of the photos will be released on the debut of the Love & Hip Hop Miami next week Monday.

See some of the nude photos below.




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  2. The lady who fingered herself in a public show is an EMOTIONALSEXIST. Her emotions are uncontrollable. She need counselling help. She’s a prey to to all men who go after everything in skirts. She needs prayers for self control.


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