Kendrick Lamar’s 17 year old sister gives birth to her second child

Rapper, Kendrick Lamar’s younger sister, Kayla Duckworth, who got pregnant the first time when she was just 13-years-old, has given birth to her second baby at age 17. The new mom took to Twitter to share her exciting news.

Kendrick Lamar

Kayla became popular after her brother received heat for buying her a 2017 Toyota as a graduation present. People said he was cheap for buying her an ‘ordinary Toyota’ after she graduated from High school in June this year.

Kendrick Lamar

She allegedly shared the pregnancy news on her Snapchat account.

Kendrick Lamar

The father of her new baby is the new boyfriend who was also her prom date.

Kendrick Lamar

Her boyfriend/baby daddy, Jalani Sawyer, seems very happy and in love with Kayla, promising to be with her forever.

Kendrick Lamar

A photo of Kayla and her first daughter.

Kendrick Lamar

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


  1. How can an 11 and 13year old girls be proudly pregnant out of wedlock. But married Muslim girls when wedded dutifully would be named early. Hypocrisy is when you castigate the Muslims for early marriage and celebrate non Muslims who gave birth to bastards. Then where are the Human right activists, NGO’s, social commentators and the Nigerian media ? What explanation can they give to this ?

  2. M A Murtala, I completely agree with you on this. The God we worship do not condone any form of sexual relationship outside marriage. It’s better you marry early than have this kind of pregnancy at such age. I will forever castigate what is unholy and unGodly…

  3. 17 year old girl with two child who does that here in my country that a swear for that girl and u are with two child not married this is bad


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