‘How Keke Napep inspired my new song’

CURVY UK-based Motswana songstress, Lorraine Lionheart recently visited Nigeria and, against her expectation, was inspired by the popular tricycle in Lagos called ‘Keke Napep’.

The talented singer, who says that her strength lies in her vocal dexterity and Afrocentric sounds, also revealed that she was inspired by the popular means of transportation to write a song around her fantasy of what she could do in the tricycle.

“The song was written in less than 15 minutes. When sexuality is part of the inspiration, the creative juices flow smoothly. The song was inspired by naughty thoughts. ‘Keke Napep’ is sex on 3 wheels; I was surprised no one had written a song about it

“When you see couples on bicycles together and motorbikes, it can trigger a sexual thought in one. You wonder what sex will be like in a ‘Keke Napep’. I think it would make a very sexy romantic getaway ride. Sex in public is becoming a common fantasy and the thought alone can arouse more than sexual excitement. In my case, I have to be honest, the first time I saw the ‘Keke Napep’ I had peculiar thoughts and I knew the best release was to write a song about that unique experience and feeling,” she said.

The UK based African musician born and raised in the Kalahari Desert, is preparing for a tour of Lagos in order to promote the single ‘Keke Napep’.

source: Thenation


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