“I Just Increased My Tithe To 30 Percent, Satan Go And Die” – Apostle Suleman Reveals

The issue of members of the Church of God paying tithe has been the latest of argument that has surfaced on Twitter and it appears that the argument isn’t about to end anytime soon.

Popular man of God, “Apostle Suleman” took to his twitter page to reveal that he just increased is own tithe from the normal 10 percent God ordered them to collect to 30 percent.

Below Is What He Tweeted:

“I Just Increased My Tithe To 30 percent, Satan Go And Die”

Source – 36ng


  1. Our Men of today should remember that Jesus Christ who is the Head of the church did not collect a dime from any member of his followers. All He did was to encourage people to give freely. This is modern day tax.

  2. Who is this man fooling? Pay 30% of tithe to who? This man is canvassing gullible foolish Christian to follow. I pity Christianity.

  3. wel done sir u will buy ur own jet very soon , some of ur members r not doing well financially n u want 30% haba pastor take it easy on ur member .

  4. Which church is the Apostle paying his tithe to? If it happened to e his own church,then,he has paid nothing. You can’t be paying yourself and claiming you’ve increased it to 30%. The money still stays in your coffers.


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