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I’m looking forward to visiting Jamaica – Terry G



Musician and producer, Gabriel Amanyi, aka Terry G, about the fond memories of his trip to Egypt

Where did you visit recently and why did you travel there?

That would be Egypt. I travelled there early this year for an event.

How long did you spend in Egypt?

We spent about three days at a hotel and it was an awesome experience. Me and my team really enjoyed ourselves.

What did you enjoy most about the country?

We had massive fun in Egypt. After we touched down, we went straight to the hotel to rest, then we went for a tour round the city. In the evening, we went for the event we came for. I loved the fact that it is an historic city. We got to see the pyramids, and the tomb of Pharaoh, but we didn’t enter. I was very scared to go in because it was closed and that was where they buried him. I guess I remembered what he did to the Israelites.

What would a first time visitor to Egypt find interesting about the country?

It is their culture and the way they dress. They have a way of making anyone adapt to their environment, or else you would look odd. I dressed like them while I was there, though it wasn’t necessary. I just did it for the fun. It is just like going to Dubai and you get to wear the jalamia and scarf.

Which of their local dish did you try?

None. I was sceptical about their food, coupled with the fact that the food didn’t look delicious to me.

What part of their culture did you find interesting?

They share some similarities with Nigeria. They love God and are quite responsible and respectful. They also treat foreigners well.

What did you see in Egypt and would love to replicate in Nigeria?

Personally, I think Nigeria, as a country, is forgetting its culture. We have allowed ourselves to be so influenced by the western culture. I think it is time for us to embrace our culture and go back to where we started.

Were the people friendly towards you?

Yes, they were. And I think they also have good relationship with Nigeria; that was why we were granted access to their country.

How did you spend your Christmas?

Although, I would have loved to enjoy the Christmas holiday with my family, I had to perform at a carnival in my home state, Benue, on December 25. The carnival holds every year so that is how I spent my Christmas.

What country would you like to visit next?

The country I would love to visit next is Jamaica because I really love the country.

What is the best travel advice you can give?

Firstly, as a stranger in any country, you should follow their rules because every country has its rules. You should keep your identity to yourself, except it is necessary to do otherwise.

source: Punch

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#EndSARS: ‘The Only People I Pity Are The Poor’ – Actress Caroline Hutchings



Caroline Danjuma
Caroline Danjuma

Caroline Danjuma

Nigerian actress, Caroline Hutchings, formerly known as Caroline Danjuma, has revealed that she pities only the poor during this trying time of End SARS. The movie star took to her Instagram page to share why the poor are the most affected during this period.

She also said that a lot of celebrities ranting on social media have passports that will enable them elope easily if things get out of hand. In her words:

“So much that I want to say .. history will teach you a lot .. the only people I pity are the poor .. forget all the ranting on social media, some of us have our passports ready to elope ..

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some of us cant speak up because we still consider the contracts with our political friends, it is all about our pockets. Some of us can’t talk because we really do not care since our kids were birth abroad.

So much I want to say .. but here I am weeping in silence .. I wish I could turn it around.”

See her post below:

The actress’ post

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BBNaija’s Wathoni Set To Launch New Book





Reality TV star, Wathoni Anyasi, is set to launch a new book. The former BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ housemate and mother of one took to her Twitter page to reveal this. She also added that she is not in a competition with anyone. Rather, all she wants is to be and do better each day.

In her words:

“Never felt like I was in a competition with anyone. All I want is to be and do better each day. I hype those I love and want to see them win too.

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Countdown to my book launch A lot going on has delayed so many things I have been working on. God’s time regardless”

See her post below:

The reality TV star’s post

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‘This Made Me Smile’ – Davido Reacts To Video Of A Baby Enjoying ‘Fem’



“Why We Need Electoral Reforms” - Singer Davido Explains
Davido Condemns Looting, Destruction Of Private Businesses


Nigerian singer, Davido, has reacted to a viral video of a baby enjoying his hit song, ‘Fem’. The video, which has been in circulation on social media, shows a little baby refusing to watch cartoons.

The baby cries as a way of saying he does not want to watch the cartoon being played for him. His mother then changes it to the music video for ‘Fem’. Immediately the song comes on, the baby’s countenance changes to happiness.

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Reacting to the video, Davido took to his Twitter page to write:

 “Haven’t been in the best of moods lately but this made me smile ….”

See Davido’s tweet below:

Davido’s tweet

Watch the video HERE

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