Igbo Lady Converts From Christianity To Islam | Photos

A proud Muslim Igbo lady has shown-off on social media, the woman whose character made her embrace Islam and dump her former religion, Christianity.

An Igbo woman now identified as Aishat Obi, who recently convertedfrom Christianity to Islam and trended online, has taken to her Facebook page and revealed one of the people who attracted her to Islamic religion.
According to Aishat, the lady Faddylado Sama, reportedly has a good character and has been labelled her twin sister.
After her conversion, Aishat revealed that she is proud to be an Igbo Muslim despite heavy backlash which might be associated with that.
Below is what Aishat wrote after sharing some photos on Facebook;
“This is my twins sister from another womb.she is more than a sister to me.she is among the people whom there character attracted me more to Islamic religion.I pray to have a friend like her in my nest life. Ya Allah give me the type of character that will change others too.
“Ya Allah cause me to live and behave like a good Muslim woman.”


Source: Facebook



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