Bow Wow Challenge: Former Child Rapper Claims To Have Once Dated Kim Kardashian

According to Bow Wow who is best remembered now for his childhood rapping days and the following movie career, he once dated realty media mogul Kim Kardashian.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Bow Wow mentioned that he once had shortlived affair with Kanye West’s wife around 2007, before she became really famous. He further explained that he kept it quiet because he had never dated any white woman before then.

‘We was cool, we remained friends. And this was right before Reggie Bush. The reason nobody knew is because of how I move. We kicked it hard. I’m just so nervous because I never really dated outside my race before, this is different for a nigga. I don’t know how my fans going to look at it… so I kept that shit low and nobody really knew’, he said.

Although Bow had indeed dated a number of A-list personalities in the past, notably Ciara; in recent times he has been caught lying about stuff- the #BowWowChallenge came about because he was seen on a commercial flight after posting photos of him on a private jet.

source: Thenetng


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