Ahmed Makarfi urges Atiku Abubakar to return PDP to Aso Rock

The Caretaker Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP), Ahmed Makarfi, has called on Atiku Abubakar to help the ruling party with the winning strategy to return to Aso Rock in 2019.

Atiku expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the party for granting him the opportunity to visit the party despite the tight schedule of its leaders.

He said, “What I have come to do today is to come and show my face. Many people have read in the media that I have returned home; this is home.

“Mr. Chairman, I want to congratulate you for a wonderful work which you have been doing to redeem the image of this party, to return it, rebrand it and return it to its original form.

“I want to assure you of my support and cooperation at all times; to make sure that these objectives are achieved by you and subsequently by your successors.

“We should remember that those of us, who founded this party, founded it on the principles of democracy, good governance, unity of this country and the prosperity of its people.

“Over the years, like any or every human organisation, it has faced its challenges but I want to pay tribute to those who have stayed steadfast through thick and thin to see us through to this point.

“Now that we have learnt our lessons, I hope that we will be guided by the lessons we have learnt.”

Source: ( Punch Newspaper)


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