Man sentenced to death for raping law baby

A Court in India on Thursday sentenced a man who was found guilty of the 2016 rape and murder of a law student known as Jisha to death, a prosecution lawyer said.

The 30-year-old victim was found dead by her mother at their home in Ernakulam district on April 28, 2016.

She was left with signs of strangulation and more than 30 stab wounds on her body.

Prosecution lawyer NK Unnikrishnan said the court handed down the death sentence to the convict, Ameerul Islam for Jisha’s rape and murder.

“Islam is a migrant labourer from north-eastern Assam state.

“This was a brutal murder that shocked the conscience of Kerala. We are happy that we managed to get the harshest punishment awarded to him by the court,” Unnikrishnan said

Under India’s legal system, the convict can challenge both his conviction and sentence in a higher court.

The police were accused of botching the investigation.

The case triggered an intense debate in Kerala about the safety of women, especially Dalit women.

The sentence comes a few days to the fifth anniversary of gang-rape of another young female student in the Indian capital in 2012 which led to widespread public outrage and strengthening of laws against sexual assault.

One in four rape cases in India ended in conviction in 2016 according to the National Crime Records Bureau data, the lowest rate since 2012.

Activists ascribe this largely to shoddy police investigations.

Source : (dpa/NAN)


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