See what happened after a suspicious woman set her husband up with another woman

A woman turned to YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater after she suspected that her Jehovah’s Witness husband may have been cheating.

It was gathered that the woman helped set her husband’s schedule as an honeytrap was laid using an actress to try and seduce him.

In a video footage posted online, the actress pretended to be an ex-Jehovah’s Witness who was kicked out of the church for a relationship that was frowned upon.

As the conversation continued, the actress became increasingly flirtatious and at one point disappeared before coming back in a revealing outfit.

The man then decided to strip to his underwear, but the actress suddenly changed the approach telling him he should leave before she ‘reports him to the church’.

His wife, who has been watching via video link, lost her cool and stormed out yelling “It’s going to take Jehova to get my foot out of his xxxx”.


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