Ruggedman attacks Nigerian government for looting funds

Nigerian musician, Ruggedman blasts Nigerian ministry for using N700m to build web portal – The rapper shared a post on his social media page, placing a curse of those looting Nigeria’s funds – His reaction was fueled over the recent news of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development using N700m in creation of we portal for ease of doing business Following the recent news of Ministry of Mines and Steel Development using N700 million to build website to aid the ease of business of Nigerians, veteran musician, Ruggedman has reacted by placing a curse on those who he believes are looting Nigeria’s funds.

The rapper shared the post on his Instagram, expressing disappointment on the Nigerian ministry and government for letting huge sums of tax payers money be used for such. Ruggedman also made mention of the N250 million reported to be used in raising a Jacob Zuma statue in an eastern state in Nigeria. He shared the photo of the news and said: “700 million to build website 250 million to erect statue. Any government that allows this is a corrupt and shameless one and does not have the interest of it’s citizens at heart. May God punish all the people looting Nigeria’s funds and making life hard for the ordinary man. If you are a looter, you will never know peace. If you allow the looting, may you never know peace in Jesus name.






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