November 21 date for Timeless Roots

On Tuesday, November 21, Lagos will standstill as a stage play, Timeless Roots, takes centre Stage at Muri Okunola Park, V.I. Lagos, during the 2017 edition of Society for Performing Arts Festival.

Inspired by the history of Lagos and her passion for the Nigerian culture, Ronya Man, the brains behind the play says Timeless Roots, tells the stories of Nigerias cultural roots and history through dance, fashion and music by fusing modern with traditional elements.

Choreographed by Ice Nweke, Ronya adds that Timeless Roots will appeal to all generations because it awakens youths searching for their identity and place: “It appeals to the traditional generation who will connect to its ancestral stories, and appeals to the young ones learning these stories in school and aspiring to fulfil their dreams. Timeless Roots also encourages collaborations between local designers, musicians, choreographers and other artists and entrepreneurs,’ Ronya added.

Ronya is the founder of Ronya Man Arts (RMA) Ltd., a creative and Performing Arts company, which engages in directing, producing and casting for film and stage productions, including trainings and workshops. Partners include Afrikatickets, Spanfest and

source: Thesun


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