Man Burst Into Tears After His Girlfriend’s Mum Did This | Photos

A Night to Remember: A young man has gotten the opportunity to go back to school after he received a help by his girlfriend’s mother as a gift for his birthday.
An Instagram user identified as TY Howard, has taken to the social networking platform and shared the emotional moment her boyfriend, Michael received the most amazing shock of his life after he was given the best birthday gift by the girlfriend’s mother.
The handsome man who has been trying his best to go to the university without proper financial aid got help from his girlfriend’s mother after she helped him with his university admission.
In her post, the pretty lady expressed that this year’s birthday was the best for Michael, noting that her boyfriend would be able to go back to college because of her mother who tries to help young black people.
She said: “This was a night to remember fr â�¤ï¸� this year’s birthday didn’t consist of unnecessary gifts! Michael has been trying his hardest to get back in college and thanks to my mom she just helped another young black man make it in this world Happy Birthday and Congratulations @hvstlewestbrook I love you!” 
Watch her full post below;



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