‘Idahosa Trails’ premieres amidst applause

The much anticipated faith-based movie, ‘Idahosa Trails’, by an award winning script writer and director, Stanlee Ohikhuare has been premiered in Benin, ahead of its cinema release this Friday.

The movie is centred on the Founder of Church of God Mission Intl, Benson Idahosa. It narrates the coincidental experience of an American journalist, who seeks to meet Archbishop Benson Idahosa based on his perception of the preacher’s role in the miraculous recovery of a popular chief in Benin City, who regained consciousness miraculously after many years in coma.

According to Stanlee, “ the title of the movie is to describe what happened in the movie because the man through whose story was given to me the things that happened in the life of Benson Idahosa is actually on a trail of Benson Idahosa, trying to get to know him, which is why the trails is there.”

“It is a movie that touches on what can happen if someone experiences God. Even from the layman perspective, someone who doesn’t have any intimate relationship with God and suddenly starts experiencing things that are strange to him and he is searching for the truth and answers. Then when you search for those answers, you find salvation, which is the bottom line of the story.” It is a movie that spreads the message of hope and faith not necessarily the religion. He said the story line was derived from his quest to understand more about Benson Idahosa.

On the challenges, he said: “It is a movie we have being on for 8 years and its being hectic because we wanted to get it right. It is a faith based movie and faith based movies are not given the kind leverage that other movies enjoy. But surprising, before we started shooting the movie, we got a release date.”

It’s going to be in the cinemas and this is the first time a Nigeria Christian movie will run in the cinemas and I believe it will open doors for other people who would want to venture in.

Award winning Nollywood actor, Charles Okafor, who played the role of Benson Idahosa, said the movie provoked a very sober disposition in him as a role interpreter.

“When I was called upon to replicate and enact Benson Idahosa, in spite of my many years as an actor and role interpreter, it became very challenging for me but i was able to pull an average deliverability to who this icon was when he walked the face of the earth.

“It gives me great joy and honour because it is the most resounding aspect of my career as an actor, to have the opportunity to enact a global icon, someone who traversed this world so much from nothing. For me it came very humbling, gratifying, challenging and above all very rewarding.”

The movie features Nollywood stars such as Veteran actors like Liz Amiye, Patrick Doyle, , Kunle Idowu popularly known as Frank Donga, Osas Ighodaro, Adedamola Akapo, Mike Omoregbee, and Emmy Award Winner, David Schifter.

source: Thenation


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