Daddy Freeze reveals why he is after pastors not Muslim clerics [VIDEO]

Controversial Lagos-based On Air Personality, OAP, Daddy Freeze, has continued his ‘attacks’ on Nigerian pastors, saying he decided to ignore Muslim clerics as none owns a private jet.

Daddy Freeze disclosed this in an interview on SaharaTV.

The OAP, in recent times, has been tackling Nigerian preachers for their ‘excessive display of wealth’ and asking their members to pay tithes while they (the preachers) seem to get richer from the money collected.

He also maintained that he is only trying to preach the truth about Christianity, and is after pastors who preach mostly about prosperity.

“Why the ‘Yahoo’ pastors appear to be filled with greed, as far as i can tell, no Muslim cleric in Nigeria actually owns a private jet like some of their Christian counterparts,” Freeze said.

The OAP, who backed up his claims against tithing from the Bible, said there was no evidence of Jesus and the 12 disciples collecting tithes from anyone.

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source: Dailypost


  1. The bitter truth is that some of these pastors, by their fruits, don’t seem to lead a Christ-like life. They seem to be more materialistic than spiritual. Hence the raising of eyebrows as to the genuity of their callings.


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