Cynthia Morgan Reacts To Libya Slave Trade As She Calls Out Buhari, Daddy Freeze & Pastors

So i was going through feeds on Instagram yesterday and i saw this at @icynthiamorgan IG page.

She said,

Mr President @muhammadubuhari when are we sending troops to libya? #Freetheslaves #thankyou also [email protected] to call on our pastors…… #Realmissiontime

Good Morning Mr President @muhammadubuhari we hope you slept well sir. we are yet to hear from you on the supposed troops we are sending to Libya to free our people. #thankyousir � also urging @daddyfreeze to call on all our pastors….

Slavery is a great sin against Christ and his followers… and we must all send our private jets and chattered planes to go get our people from Libya. #Realmissiontime #Cometogether #Helpus

Source – Naijaloaded


  1. There’s nothing more disturbing than the numb insensitivity with which the presidency often regard human life. Often it’s either nothing is done or too little…too late.

  2. Hello Mr President how’s ur family. Sir when are u going to sent troops to Libya to rescue Nigerians over there and stop this barbaric act? Our people are dying going true torture. Please act fast Mr pResident.


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