I wish to have big backside – Adekemi Taofeek

For actress Adekemi Taofeek, if given the chance to alter her physique, she would not hesitate to do so and top on her list is to have a bigger bum, probably as big as her senior colleague’s, Biodun Okeowo, popularly known as Omo Butty.

She told Saturday Beats, “I wish I could somehow increase my height; I’ve always wished I was taller than this. I also want a bigger bum. I want something bigger. I have a flat belly, hips and boobs but my bum and height is something I would like to change about myself. I go to the gym and do squats to make my bum bigger but it cannot be as nice as it would have been if I had a natural big bum. It is coming out little by little but I would like my bum to be as big as Biodun Okeowo’s own. That is what I am talking about. My boyfriend loves me the way I am though and he has never complained about my body. I just personally want a bigger backside. When I tell him that anytime I travel out of the country, I would go for a bum surgery, he just asks me why I like to disturb myself because he feels I am perfect the way I am. I would love to be slimmer as well but he does not want that. I would love to be a size eight but my boyfriend said he would love me to be a size 10 or 12.”

At a time when the trend in the industry is to bleach one’s skin especially among actresses, Taofeek, on the other hand believes that being a dark skinned lady has worked to her advantage during the course of her career that has spanned about nine years.

“For me, I think my dark skin has been a blessing and I have got more movie roles through it even though some people say producers prefer fair skinned ladies. Everybody wants to bleach and have light skin but I have never been rejected for a movie role because of the colour of my skin. Most times, they even want a dark skinned person because most of the ladies in the industry are light in complexion. Personally, I think I have an upper hand with my complexion.

“I have never wished to be a fair skinned lady even when I was a kid because I am so lazy when it comes to applying cream on my body. Ironically, my parents are light skinned and I tell them that I am glad I am dark in complexion. When it comes to applying cream on my body, I am not that patient; I just have my bath, probably apply make-up, spray my perfume and I am out of the house. I hardly use body lotion, so if I was created to be a fair skinned person, I wonder how my body would look now,” she said.

Giving a sneak peek into her love life, the actress said that she is blessed to have a man who loves what she does and encourages her even though initially his family members were sceptical.

“I don’t think being an actress has ever affected my relationship. I am currently in a relationship and my boyfriend likes me for who I am despite the fact that his family members believe actresses are promiscuous. He had to tell them that it has to do with the individual and not the industry. I thank God for the kind of man I have and he loves watching my movies,” she said.

Source: Punch



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