“Tagbo was Caroline Danjuma’s secret baby daddy”

A lot of people are confused on who Tagbo is to Actress, Caroline Danjuma. Some sources tag him as her brother, others say her friend but then, theres a very different allegation from this twitter user.

The twitter user, @MyHoestory claims Tagbo was Caroline Danjuma’s secret baby daddy, i.e The father of her third child.

The tweeter user further alleged that the two had a secret affair and he is the father of her third child, reason she was so outspoken about his death.

The tweet also hinted that Tagbo wasn’t really Davido’s friend but tagged along with his team.

source: 36ng


  1. They want sweep over the allegation,is that real issue,she is accusing Davido of murdering the man,Tagbo,we need this case investigated not this trash.


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