Sad story of a married Nigerian man who married an American lady just to scam her

The story of a Nigerian man by name Nelson Enareaba whose family allegedly supported the idea that he marry an American lady just to drain her financially after he having a Nigerian wife has got messier.
His family claims that he is dead, however, his wife sent a message to the Oyinbo wife to leave her and her husband alone because he no longer wants her. And more drama has unfolded.
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Nelson Enareaba is married to a Nigerian, Martha Enareaba, and they even have kids.
According to Martha, they were married before he married the American wife, Lisa L. Flowers. A message which has now been made public shows that Martha and the entire Enareaba family, including the parents and siblings of Nelson, were all in on Nelson’s plan to marry Lisa and drain her financially.
Martha said she was jealous at first but after his family told her of the benefits, she agreed to it. She is now asking Lisa to leave her and her husband alone because he no longer wants her. This only means that Nelson is not dead as his father and the rest of his family claimed, but he’s gone back to his Nigerian wife.
Aishatu Ella John, who has been following up on the case, shared screenshots of the Facebook messages she got from Martha Enareaba warning her to drop the case and leave their family alone.

In all of this Nelson has still not surfaced, neither has he shared anything on Facebook, but one thing is clear from Martha’s messages – he is alive. Martha Enareaba has now deleted her Facebook account after her messages were made public.

Read Martha’s messages below.




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