Policemen Fighting With Their Gun Mistakenly Shoot Newly Wedded Man In Abuja (Photos)

The family of a newly  married man who was accidentally shot by police officers fighting are begging for justice after the victim was left in a bad condition.

A sad incident has left a newly married Nigerian man identified simply as Kingsley in serious pain after he was mistakenly shot by a policeman who was fighting with another officer in Abuja.

A Facebook user, Huldah Lynns-Ihetuge who shared the story is calling for justice to be served.

She wrote: “What was this young boy’s offence?
Kingsley just got married barely 5 weeks ago!!!!
He just went to Exclusive stores Wuse 2 Abuja to shop on the 18th of October ,where two police men fighting with their guns shot him on the leg.One of the police men is Akpabio Daniel of maitama division. Now the doctors are insisting the leg must be amputated. Please let this matter get to the IG ASAP, this poor boy’s leg must not be amputated and those Police men must not go free.




  1. Kingsley Ezera!!!
    Are these people mad!???
    What in the freaking world is this!?
    May God keep us from doing evil. Really the temptation is climbing up to the very neck!
    What could those adult fools be fighting over!? N50 abi!? Damn them!


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