Mother Caught Doing This To The Body of Her ‘Unwanted’ Newborn Baby

A mother who had the nerve to hide the body of her baby whom she tagged ‘unwanted’ inside a drain, is being punished for the act.

Sinead Connett, a 29-year-old English mother who dumped the body of her ‘unwanted’ baby in a drain has punished for the act as she is jailed for a year.
According to Metro UK, Connett, a HR executive, hid the child at her parents’ house in 2013, and since then there had been problems with their downstairs toilet.
It was only when a plumber was called in February last year that the truth was discovered, when the tiny body was found wrapped in three bin bags.
Connett initially told police she had been r*ped by a taxi driver and so had kept the pregnancy a secret in case her relationship broke down. But it was discovered to be a lie, as the father was actually her partner.
Connett claimed the baby had died when she secretly gave birth in the bath of her home in August 2013. She said she then drove him to her parents’ home in Scartho Road, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, to get help but panicked when they weren’t there and lowered him into the drain.
Jeremy Evans, prosecuting at Grimsby Crown Court, said her parents, teachers Stuart and Anne Connett, called an engineer who accessed an outdoor drain which was hidden from the main path.
When the body was discovered, Mr and Mrs Connett had no idea they were looking at their dead baby grandson who had been dumped there by their daughter. An investigation was immediately launched and tests showed the baby boy had died on August 6 or 7 2013.
Humberside Police took voluntary DNA samples from the Connett family for elimination. Mr Evans said when she gave her sample, Sinead Connett gave police no reason to suspect she was involved.
On May 9 last year, a forensic scientist confirmed that blood on the towel in which the baby had been wrapped matched the DNA profile provided by Sinead Connett.
Later that month she voluntarily attended a police interview and told officers: ‘I am the mother of that child.’
Mr Evans told the court that Connett claimed that, after the baby was born in August 2013 in her bathroom, she realised he was not breathing and tried to resuscitate him by breathing into his mouth.
It is still not known how the baby, named William, died and a postmortem examination was inconclusive. He had suffered injuries including a fractured skull but they may have been accidentally caused when the body was being removed by a plumber investigating the blockage.
In a further interview, Connett finally accepted that her pregnancy was not as a result of a rape and admitted she had lied.
Mr Evans said she was ‘shocked’ to discover that she was pregnant and thought that her partner would leave her if he found out. He said officers interviewing Connett had found her to lack ‘remorse or concern’ about her baby son. Mitigating, Nigel Sloane, said Connett was ‘utterly terrified’ of going to prison’ and it would crush her.
But jailing her for a year, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said: ‘You must be punished. You must go to prison immediately.’ Judge Richardson said Connett was the ‘architect of this appalling, truly appalling scenario’.
He said: ‘She has a history of telling lies.’
Connett sobbed as she was led from the dock to begin her sentence.

Source: Metro UK


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