Mercy Johnson Says Regina Daniels Just Turned 16, Not 17

While a lot still do not agree with the claim that regina daniels just turned 17years, Mercy johnson has finally destroyed everything.

As Regina Daniels, became a year older today, Birthday wishes have been thrown at her from different angles but contrary to the 17years on her wikipedia, Mercy Johnson has claimed she is 16 again and this has had us confused.

Mercy wrote:

I remember the first time I carried this Big Baby of mine….Mum is what she calls Me and Yes,She is my Child…..
Happy 16th Birthday Princess …..You are so sweet,Respectful and Hard working….Aunty Rita, you did a great job here…LLNP… loading ……

Regina Daniels however replied in agreement, writing,

Awww thanks mummy… I have always admired you and still looking up to u. U are a rare gem. I love you

Regina Daniels however avoided stating her age, but pushed the liability on google.. Sounds fishy though.

source: 36ng



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