Meet FabWoman, a content and commerce brand for Africa’s millennial women

We are trying to fill a present gap with local content and discovery for millennial women and according to FabWoman co-founders, Anu Odubanjo and Dayo Odubanjo, this is the  purpose behind the creation of their recently launched content and commerce platform aimed at serving millennial women in Africa. These are women aged between 20 and 40.


The sisters have had considerable success and experience in the online media space with celebrity-focused website which they started in 2013. Dayo also founded fashion website,, for which she won the 2017 ‘Fashion Blogger of The Year’.

Anu who serves as the creative director for FabWoman says they want to inspire millions of women to live better and more beautiful lives. In her words: “We want to help millennial women be fabulous everyday with original mobile-first and social media driven content covering food, relationships, news, living and style.

FabWoman has raised an undisclosed amount in pre-seed funding from Iconway Ventures for people, content and marketing.

According to Dayo who leads the commerce side of the platform, starting with Nigeria we want to solve the problem of product and brand discovery for women. With topics ranging from buying human hair to friday office wears, we will be helping our audience find great products at great prices and we will help advertisers and brands find those people looking for them.

On what to expect in the next two years, they respond saying; “we don’t have the full picture yet but we will listen to our audience and partners and build the best brand and experience possible”.


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