Fix Up Your Life! N6 Replies M.I Abaga’s New Single And M.I Reacts

Cool FM OAP and rapper N6 has joined the list of MCs who have dished out replies to M.I Abaga‘s raving single ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’.

N6 shared his reply titled ‘Fix Up Your Life (M.I’s reply)’ on his page with the caption ‘No beef intended. Just a friendly Joust. #ForTheCulture’.

The reply sees N6 going back and forth on the instrumental charging M.I and checking him over some of the failings of the M.I led Chocolate city label in recent years while also maintaining that he doesn’t intend to beef M.

‘How did you let go of Pryse, her flow was the illest that shawty was nice. For three years you disappeared there was OLIC one, two and three. Never solo sold out Eko Hotel but you keep talking about retiring.’

M.I immediately reacted to N6’s reply in a series of tweets calling N6 out for being a failed artiste who has not been able to defend his craft.



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