Dr. Amir Insist His Lawsuit Against Harrysong is ‘no publicity stunt’

Recall we reported that Ace Music Producer, Dr Amir, threatened a lawsuit against Harrysong demanding for a sum of 45million naira over what he referred as ‘intellectual theft’ i.e he claims Harrysong’s song ‘Samankwe’ was stolen. Read Here if you missed.

Harrysong however debunked the claim , tagging it as a mere publicity stunt.

Now, Reacting to Harrysong’s claim, Dr. Amir has insisted he’s serious about the lawsuit, the producer said:

“Is that what Harrysong told you? If that was his response, then you should go ahead and publish it. All I can say is that I’m not joking about this matter at all; it is not a publicity stunt. If he has not received any court papers, maybe his management has not given it to him. And I don’t even know whether he is saying the truth, or lying that he has not gotten the court papers.”

source: 36ng


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