15-year-old girl who committed suicide because of her boyfriend to be buried today

A 15-year-old Nigerian girl, Slimzy Jay who committed suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her is to be buried today.

According to source, the young girl took her life, after she found out she was pregnant, and told her boyfriend, Ro Se, who later broke up with her.

Today, screenshots of a purported chat that claims it was all a prank, made rounds, which led many to believe, that Young Loveth apparently faked her death just to be famous.

According to Slimzy’s sister, who confirmed that indeed Slimzy Jay (Loveth) committed suicide, but not because of a guy. She revealed to us that Slimzy died on Thursday, at around 10 PM, that’s 7 hours after she made a post on Facebook about a friend of hers.

Slimzy Jay

We then asked her sister to also confirm if Slimzy was really pregnant, but then she debunked the claims that Slimzy was pregnant.

“She’d be buried today”, Slimzy’s sister confirmed to YabaLeftOnline.com

SLimzy’s Boyfriend, Identified on Facebook as “Ro Se”, has already reacted to the news that he was the cause of her death, In a post he made on Facebook, He wrote;

“For all of you guys that said i was the fault of my hearts death…no problem. may God judge your case….i wont say much…but God bless you all….”

He has since deactivated his Facebook account, after he got bashed heavily!

More Details soon.



  1. hmmmm commiseration to the family of the gone lost Slimz jay. who dramatically died all in the name of mortal love.
    romeo died for Juliet, Samson died for Delila. now its an heroine of all Time slimz jay who died for her hearty Ro Se.

    the story became viral on media but the fact is the parent of the girl were bitch and whore. they are example of a ruined and collapsed generation leaving a little girl (15 yrs old) to leave an independent live. if the little girl got pregnant for her boyfriend at the age of 15 then she had started having fun some years back.
    the parents and family cause the little girl her life.
    if the parents were still alive I hope this will sound their careless and foolishness a lesson to other parents.

    I wasn’t happy when I had the story because the girl was just too young. the parents cause her death.

    slimz jay died cowardly, claiming that she died in the name of love. she died and the love remain, it was not buried all together with her. this should be a teacher and a lesson learnt from a coward girl called slimz jay who reportedly died of a dandy love and gone forever.


    • her parents cause her death bcuz at age of 15years she was acuse to get pregnant imagine dat rubbish….. probably she has been avin sex earlier at tender age so if she had a monitoring parents and she’s well brought up she wouldn’t av end up dis way RIP


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