This Young Artist Is On His Own Lane, Releasing Distinctive Feel Good Music

In his sound, you could possibly feel the vibes of an Ajebutter 22 but he delivers enough on his artistry to differentiate him from the rest.

Yinka Bernie, an emerging singer and music producer, graced the Pulse Nigeria office with his presence on Wednesday September 6, 2017.
Looking hip in his Nike sneakers, black top and denim jeans, the taller than your average guy was at Pulse to talk about his music and growth.
Starting out in 2014, Yinka started out as a producer learning on the FL studio software, with his music output greatly influenced by Fela so much he released an EP collection titled “Fela Obsessions”.
From then on, it’s been a rather interesting journey for the young musician from how he lost a project he had recorded on his laptop that crashed and a friend on whose system he backed up the songs deleting the project because of a ‘misunderstanding’ they had. All these and more has seen Yinka grow to the musician he is now and led to the build-up and eventual release of this hip fresh “19&Over” EP in August 2017.

How did you get involved with music?
I grew up listening to Fela Kuti and Ebenezer Obey from the music my parents played. Then I picked interest in the FL studio learning how to produce beats. I had seasoned producer Goldkeyz (my cousin) and Bankyondbeatz, to put me through when I was stuck.
Bernie produced music the first time for a fellow artist named Tim Lyre while in 2016 he recorded his own first song ‘You need’ with producer Magic Jacobs whom he met in the university. The song got some positive feedback from his followers on social media, and that was how Yinka Bernie the artist was born.

How did people receive your first EP “Fela Obsessions”?
Most people liked it and I think it was because it was different from what every other person was listening to, so that gave me an edge.
Some people advised me to retire from the Fela craze, it was difficult because that was my comfort zone. But then I started listening to other songs, then also producing for other artists.

What do you think of the recent movement with shows promoting emerging artists such as the 90s Baby Sound off?
They are helping artists get an audience. For young people to come and put a show together, the unity is very key, and it’s making people pay more attention.

Do you think there’s been a breakout star this year?
I think Odunsi (the engine) is one. The attention is coming to many of us. By the end of this year, everybody should be getting what they deserve.
What can you say you’ve learnt from the older artists?
I think we just enjoy their music, I don’t think we necessarily learnt anything from them.

How has it been operating as an independent artist?
It has been challenging but good too, though I don’t think I need a record label now. My parents just started supporting my music. “It was actually this summer that they just started supporting because they could see how everything was going.”
What’s your perception of the Nigerian music industry right now?
I think it’s been amazing. Internationally, they are accepting us. Artists like Wizkid are helping us do a lot. The world is paying more attention to Nigerians now.

How do you plan on improving your music craft?
I would like to go for a course in sound engineering. It’s very key. You get to know what to do and what not in mixing and mastering your music.
Do you see you having a long term career in music?
Music is like forever, I definitely can’t stop. I think I’d like to take it as a profession after university, all things working well by God’s grace.
What do you think will stand you out?
“If I can stay true to my sound and be consistent, and make the quality of my music top notch, I will stand out.”
Yinka Bernie is forging his own unique path in music, operating on a genre he likes to call “Maximum Cruise”, which could be described as a cool, laidback type of music, a trait which does seem to reflect in his demeanor just as much

source: Pulse


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