‘There’s been unbalanced growth for Nollywood’ – Ramsey Nouah

Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah, was recently featured on the cover of Guardian Life Magazine and the award-winning actor spoke on a wide range of issues.

Nouah touched on his family, finding a work balance and of course, goings-on in Nollywood.

He was asked if he shared the sentiments of a ‘New Nollywood’.

Nouah however, does not want to give the subject matter more attention that it deserves.

According to him, ‘Some people want to admit that there is a new Nollywood and old Nollywood. I think, admitting that fact is what is causing it to truly exist.’

He went on further to say:

I don’t believe in it, I think it’s the same Nollywood. It is just changing, I call it growth…there’s been like a wavy unbalanced growth for Nollywood and it’s still ongoing.

You can’t really say because of that say it is established that there is one industry called old Nollywood and there’s another called industry called new Nollywood. It’s just a transition into a new phase, a new beginning, new generation, new style and it takes everyone along.

To read the full interview, visit Guardian Life blog here.


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