Taxi Driver Murdered Inside His Car In Broad Daylight | Photo

A taxi boss has been murdered inside his car as several shots were fired at his vehicle at close range in broad daylight. 

A South African taxi owner was killed in his car as he was about to take his wife to work in Dimbaza Street in Philippi’s Browns Farm, close to Cape Town on Tuesday morning.
It was a peaceful morning and neighbour Zolekwa Mabomvana was preparing porridge for her kids. Then she heard gunshots.
She told Daily Sun: “I counted 15 shots being fired. I ran out and saw the man and his wife in their car.
“He had been shot through the driver’s door. Luckily his wife, who was sitting next to him, survived.”
Residents of Dimbaza Street were shocked.
“There has been no incident here for years. The street has been quiet. When I woke from the sound of gunshots I thought it was gangsters or thugs. I heard people screaming and found that an innocent man had been shot in our street,” said a resident.
Mzwandile Jikelo (32) said: “I was once desperate to get a job and the madala helped me. He knew a lot of businesspeople. Many people in this area got jobs because of him.
“He did not like to see anyone go to bed on an empty stomach. I am sad that he is dead now. We want justice. We want to know why they killed him.”
Family members were in tears when the SunTeam arrived at the house. They said they were not ready to speak to the media.
Western Cape Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said: “A 50-year-old man was fatally wounded during a shooting incident in Browns Farm. A murder case was registered for investigation.”

Source: Tori


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