Months after losing his mum, Nigerian rapper, Milli loses dad too

Nigerian rapper and former Chocolate City act, Milli is bereaved again. Just months after his mum died, his dad too has just passed away. He died last night, September 1st.

Announcing his dad’s death, Milli took to Instgram to say, ‘Just when I thought loosing my Mum was too much of a loss, I loose a father, it is with the most regret and pain that I announce the passing of my father who died last night just months after I buried my mum , I can’t explain to you how I feel , I can’t write it all down, loosing both parents in the same year is not what I wld pray for anybody, This year has brought me so much joy and so much pain at the same time, last night I watched my father die in my arms, it is the most painful feeling in the world, I know I promised y’all a lot this year but I didn’t know there would be so much bad news, you might not hear any music from me or hear from me till next year or maybe the year after, please understand. God Bless’.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog



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