Man Takes His Pet Tiger For A Stroll Cause Residents To Panic | Photos

Road users, pedestrians and some local residents were left trembling in fear as a man was captured on camera strolling with his pet tiger.
A man was seen taking his pet tiger for a walk in the centre of a Russian city, and as expected, pedestrians were terrified.
A shocked onlooker filmed the scene from the safety of his car as the man walked the big cat in the city of Samara in southwest Russia.
The footage was shared online and some people who watched it said they believe the man seen walking the beast could be the circus artist and animal trainer, Artur Bagdasarov.
Witness Andrey Usoltsev said: “This is Artur walking his pet. We were at his show in the circus. We enjoyed it, especially sitting on the first row.”
Another witness said it was really frightening seeing a tiger on the street. “It was a shock. It is rather scary to bump into a pedestrian walking a wild cat on a leash.”  
One internet user slammed the owner for not using a muzzle on the animal. Alexander Grishchenko wrote: “They have money to maintain a tiger, but they have no money for a muzzle.”
Luckily, no one was hurt and the animal remained calm all through the walk.

Source: Tori


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