This Is How ‘Kokolettes’ Are Affecting D’banj’s Marriage And Business

It’s no longer news that Dbanj is married with a son named Daniel the third, but what’s unclear is the place of his famous ‘kokolettes’ with his present marriage status.

In an interview with NET, When we asked Dbanj if marriage has stopped him from seeing his kokolettes, Dbanj who burst out laughing said:

‘I think it’s only my wife you can ask that question. How will that affect the koko? In fact, the kokolettes are the reason why business is booming’.

In his heydays Dbanj was famously reported to have had several high profile relationships with celebrity women such Genevieve Nnaji, Adama Indimi and Jennifer Obayuwana among others.

Also as a charismatic individual blessed with a chiseled body, it’s not surprising that thirteen years after his debut single Tongolo, Dbanj is still a sex symbol.

However he says that all the attention from women hasn’t fazed him, let alone get in the way of his happy family life. He thinks it it important to strike a balance between marriage and being a rock star of sorts.

He said:

‘Like i said, I am a married man now. I must know how to draw the balance now since I have Daniel the third. You should see him, he is really cute, ‘

After teasing the public with a finger photo when his baby was born, Dbanj has opened up a bit more and has shared a couple more photos of DIII. His wife on the other hand, has been elusive and the Kokomaster seems to prefer it like that.

source: 36ng



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