The “Hakkunde” Actress Rahama Sadau Revealed That She Once Had To Reject A lesbian Role.

Nigerian actress Rahama Sadau has a limit to the kind of movie roles she can accept.
During an interview with The Guardian, the “Hakkunde” actress revealed that she once had to reject a lesbian role.
She also talked about her most memorable role and her transition from Kannywood to Nollywood.
Read excerpts below;

“I was asked to play a lesbian and I just felt a side of Rahama that couldn’t do it.”

On most memorable role
“I played a Christian nun in a convent in a film called “Tatu.”
“Wow, it was a totally different side to Rahama, quite different from what people are used to seeing. The covered, conservative Rahama is now a Christian; I mean I loved the role.
“I went to Corinthians International school, so, all in all ,it wasn’t too different. I just stepped into the character and became that role.”

On turning down scripts
“Yes I have my limitations like I said, there are certain things I wouldn’t do because of where I come from and the religion I stand for.

“If I show that I am ignorant of things, I have family and I know what the people in the north are capable of, that’s why I am being careful.”

On transition to Nollwood
“Before the ban, I had featured in many Nollywood films like “The Light Will Come” and “Sons of the Caliphate.”
“There hasn’t been much difference working in Nollywood. Perhaps the people are different, and the environment, similar stories and cultures.”

source: Pulse


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