My Governorship Ambition, Not A Joke, But I’m Not Ready To Pay A Dime – Kcee

Lmao, is Kcee a comedian? Lol, so Kcee in an interview on Rubbin Minds over the weekend revealed his Governorship ambition isn’t a joke, but then he says he is facing some challenges which is shocking to him, lol. According to Kcee, a particular party says they will give him their ticket unopposed, but Kcee must pay some certain xyz… The singer, however says he feels it’s wrong for him to pay some people to enable him serve his people. A lot of people have been demanding money from him, the singer claims, and said he isn’t willing to drop  penny, saying that isn’t politics, lol. It’s the same reason we asked if Kcee is a comedian. Who in Nigeria doesn;t know you pay your way through till you get a ticket to office?. Who doesn’t know? lol. Please enjoy his response after the cut. Kcee sounds like a British politician, please don’t pay jare, wait till Nigeria gets there, sigh! God help us!

“It is not a joke. When I declared my intention, the Internet went down that day. Some people thought I was joking and some youths were like ‘Kcee don’t joke with us’ because they have been looking for a youth to stand up.”

“It wasn’t a publicity stunt and it wasn’t for my album. It was I trying to express how I feel about my people. I woke up and I felt like it’s time for us to stand up as youths. I decided to come out and serve my people. Use what you have to get what you want, that’s what I have and if I tell the people about my ambition, they will pay attention. Doing that was not necessarily a stunt to sell the album, I’ve been doing that over the years and I have been selling records.”

But, the singer said he is not sure he will be a candidate on Election Day.

He said, “There are some things going down and I am standing my ground and standing my ground is I don’t want to go through the route they want me to go because those are the problems that most of the sitting governors and (those in) other positions are facing; where you have people sponsoring your project and I don’t want to fall into that category. I want to make sure that I have my people to support me and if they can’t support me, then no need to.”

Kcee also said a major challenge he currently faces is the fact that some party parties want him to “settle” before he can be handed the Anambra governorship ticket.

“You go into a party and say you have what it takes to rule a state and everybody is asking you ‘who told you, do you think this is Limpopo?’. And you go to the other party and they say ‘okay, I’ll give you the ticket unopposed but you need to pay xyz’. I don’t think it’s wise for me to pay to serve my people. So, when people tell me to pay them to serve them, it doesn’t sound well to me,” he said.

Source – ( Ladun Liadi )


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