God always tells me what to sing –Bisi Alawiye

Entertainers usually get inspiration from different sources but for talented Gospel singer, Bisi Alawiye, she always gets her inspiration and direction from God.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the singer who is currently on a US tour said, “The Lord always tells me what to sing. I don’t get my inspiration from any other source but Him. Jesus is the author and finisher of my faith and the Bible has been the pillar of my support.”

Acknowledging those who have supported her career over the years, Alawiye said, “My husband has been very supportive and I owe a lot to him. People like  Mama Bola Are, Baba Ojo Ade,  Pastor Adelakun Ayewa, and a host of others, have also been instrumental to my growth.”

Alawiye, who has 16 albums to her name, also spoke on her most memorable moments as a singer. “Nothing can be more memorable than when you see yourself breaking barriers in your chosen field. I am happy for where God has taken me to. Though, this is not my first trip to the USA, the experience this time around has been unprecedented and astonishing. The acceptance I got from people was indeed an experience that will linger for a long time. My greatest challenge is on how to propagate the gospel through my music to the remotest parts of the earth,” she said.

Speaking on her latest projects, she said, “I’m working on a new album and I’m also shooting videos for my last album, ‘Advocate.’ My music is improving by the day through His grace and I am very happy that the Lord is really touching lives through my songs.”

Source: Punch


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