Following cheating scandal, Kevin Hart’s wife demands all his phone passwords

A reliable source has exclusively revealed to HollywoodLife that following Kevin Hart’s recent cheating scandal, his wife, Eniko Parish has demanded to have all his phone passwords.

Eniko does genuinely believe Kevin loves her and regrets the poor decisions he’s made. His public apology and admission of guilt went a long way to making things right. But there’s still a  long way to go. He’s going to have to rebuild the trust because it was pretty much shattered. She wants all his passwords and the right to look at his phone anytime. Now, it’s on him to prove to her that she can trust him,” a source close to Eniko revealed.


Eniko has also decided to stay with Kevin and not consider a divorce. According to HollywoodLife, ‘Eniko is hurt and angry but she’s nowhere near ready to walk away. She simply can‘t imagine her life without Kevin. He’s her world and it’s been that way since she was 23 years old. Throwing it all away over one mistake is just not something she can do right now’.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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