Devil Flogged To Death With Canes By Church Members | Video

In what many people have termed as ‘being gullible’, a group of Christians have caned the devil to death inside their church.

A Nigerian woman, Nwaku Confidence has shared a shocking video showing some Nigerians who were asked to come to the church and cane the devil to death.
Expressing her shock, Confidence wrote: “That’s how members were asked to come with Koboko to flog the hell out of the devil…Who did this to us??”
Adding his voice to the incident, Chibundu Collins Orji said: “Bikonu my people who did this to all of you?? All of u because I am not among. Go to church with your brain you refused and now all of u have degraded and depreciated, ( ka m supu obere oyibo lol). As for me and my house hold I know we CAN NEVER be deceived by fake churches and fake pastors , with their fake prophecies, staged miracles, healings, and fake testimonies …
You are flogging the devil… This is the least of the nonsense one gets to see in the “modern” Christianity of nowadays… When their waists break now they will begin to blame it on the same devil. Every thing is deceit all aimed at brainwashing gullible minds and collecting the little money remaining in their pockets which they could have used to eat.
Unu gbadokwa anya…murunu anya ka azu… To avoid crying “Had I known “”
Watch video below:

Source: Tori


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