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Young Man Gets This After Washing His Legs Inside Ocean | Photo



A young man who went into the sea to wash his legs, has ended up regretting the act after something terrible happened.
An Australian teenager Sam Kanizay went to cool his feet in the ocean on Saturday after a game of football – but when he emerged from the water he was covered in blood.
According to Daily Star UK, the 16-year-old dipped his legs in the cold waves at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, Australia – also known as Brighton beach – and said he felt a tingling sensation but put it down to the cold.
When he walked back up the beach his legs were streaming with blood and he soon realised his legs were covered in tiny wounds.
The pinprick-sized holes continued to bleed so profusely that his dad rushed him to hospital where doctors were puzzled about what had caused the wounds.
People were told to avoid swimming at the Melbourne-based beach after the incident.
“I wasn’t really thinking about being eaten,” Sam said after he was hospitalised.
Sam’s father Jarrod gathered specimens from the water where his son was attacked and these were examined by Museums Victoria marine scientist Dr Genefor​ Walker-Smith.
The experts later confirmed that tiny flesh-eating creatures were behind the attack.
She determined the culprits were the “Port Phillip Bay sea flea” which measure up to just 1cm long.
These fleas are carnivores who will feed on human flesh, yet Dr Walker-Smith said there is no cause for alarm.
She added: “I think this is quite a rare thing.
“I really just think [Sam] was in the wrong place at the wrong time, probably.”
The fleas are part of a group of crustaceans and the scientist said she wasn’t surprised that the bites wouldn’t stop bleeding as she suspected the amphipod “has an anti-coagulant that it released like leeches do, so it stops the blood from clotting”.
She continued: “It probably did make it worse that [Sam] was standing still; they may not have been able to cling on too tightly if he had been moving through the water.
“They’re used to eating dead things still on the bottom [the ocean floor].”
These fleas can be found all over the world, they are attracted to both warm and cold water but tend to feed mostly at night.

Source: Tori

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School teacher reportedly flees after allegedly flogging his student to death in Lagos



In what will come across as a really shocking development, a Twitter user has accused a Lagos teacher of killing his brother.

The man alleged that a Lagos teacher beat his junior brother to death over the boy’s failure to correctly answer a question asked of him during their mathematics session.

The man, whose Twitter handle identified him as Ridwan Oyewunmi, on Friday narrated the incident, which he claimed involved one Elihans College in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

He said the school authorities had made them believe the young boy, whom he identified as Boluwatife Omelaja, had slumped and died while attempting to answer a question in the front of the classroom.

“I just lost my brother to School Teacher Brutality. Mr. Emmanuel is a sec school teacher at Elihans college, Ikorodu in Lagos,” Oyewunmi wrote in a Twitter thread.

“He beat up my brother Boluwatife Omelaja (frame 2) to death on the 26th of November on the school premises because he couldn’t answer a math question he was asked correctly.

“The school initially made us believe he slumped and died while he was trying to answer the question on the board, a boy who wasn’t ill or showed any sign of sickness before.

“He was brought home in the school’s bus by the school proprietress and principal, along with Mr. Emma-whom we didn’t know was the killer at that time, and he was buried a few hours later according to the Muslims doctrine.”

Oyewunmi also said the principal conveyed the boy’s corpse with the school bus to his parents’ home.

He, however, added that one Lateef Omelaja, the deceased’s sibling, “who was prevented from leaving the school,” later returned and narrated what he claimed transpired.

“Meanwhile Bolu’s other brother, Lateef Omelaja was prevented from leaving the school premises, in order to prevent him from spreading the true news to us at home and to buy Mr. Emma more time to run away,” he added.

“We believed the cock and bull story the school fed us not until Lafeef got home at around 5 pm and narrated what really happened at the school to us.

“We also confirmed this from other students of the school including classmates of Boluwatife.

“The painful part is, the school keeps trying to cover up for Mr. Emma claiming he didn’t beat Bolu. Mr. Emma is on the run, nowhere to be found.

“I know no amount of punishment for him will bring back my brother but I just want Mr. Emma located and justice served.”

As of when this report was filed, TheCable Lifestyle has reached out to the school involved to hear its side of the story.

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I am happy without marriage, kids – Don Jazzy reveals




Michael Collins Ajere, professionally known as Don Jazzy has said he is happy without marriage and kids.

The iconic music producer said that contrary to many people’s belief, he is happy not being married at this point in his life.

Don Jazzy stated this during an interview with The PUNCH, while speaking on the level of fulfilment he feels.

According to him, his business is doing well and family is comfortable, so the believe that he is not happy about not being married and not having children is untrue.

The music producer noted that he is very happy currently and would only start missing children sometime in the future.

When asked if he feels fulfilled, he said;

“Pretty much, yes. I am doing well and I have a beautiful business. My family is healthy and comfortable. I know a lot of people would say because I am not married and don’t have children, that means I am not happy.

“But, I am very happy (laughs). I am not missing anything. Perhaps, in the future, I would start missing little children but for now, I am actually fine. I feel fulfilled and grateful. I thank God.”

Read Full Interview HERE

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Falz excited after a street in Lagos was named after him



Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz has taken to social media to show his excitement after a street got named after him in Lagos state.

Street named after Falz in Lagos

The Bop Daddy crooner disclosed this on Friday, November 27, on his Instagram page after he shared a photo of himself standing under a street sign .

On the street sign, one could see “Falz Falana Lane” boldly written on it.

Street named after Falz in Lagos

Sharing his excitement, the rapper stated that there is “wahala” for anyone who doesn’t have a street named after them.

In Nigeria, streets are named after people for a purpose. It could be for their affluence, impacts or landmark achievements.

There is no doubt that Falz was honoured for his impact in music and society at large recalling how he used his voice during the recent EndSARS campaign.

His fans and industry colleagues have reacted to the photo of the singer. While Many hailed him with different love emojis, others noted that he deserved it.

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