Serious Drama in Lagos as Single Mother Taunts Her Own Neighbour With Husband’s Manhood

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It was a mild drama that took over during a squabble at the weekend between a single mother and housewife during which the single mother in anger described her neighbour’s joystick and got it accurately to the amazement of his wife.

The accurate description ended the verbal war between them.

According to P.M. Express, the incident happened at Caroline Street in Ejigbo, Lagos where the two women reside.

The single mother, simply identified as Loveline from Akwa Ibom State and Grace from Anambra State had a quarrel over their children when the incident happened.

During the exchange of words, Grace was said to have tongue lashed Loveline that she was not a responsible woman and that was why she was unable to stay with her husband and now lived alone.

In response, Loveline told her that she was not staying alone because she had access to Grace’s husband and went on to describe his penis to her.

P. M. Express reports that Loveline told Grace publicly that there was a black natural mark beside her husband’s penis and she should not boast to her about her husband because she chose to live alone.

When Grace realized that Loveline got the description correctly, she hurriedly walked into her apartment, shut her door and started crying.

It was gathered that Loveline had constant quarrels with her estranged husband before she moved out with their two kids and rented an apartment where Grace lived with her husband and four children.

It was gathered that since Loveline moved into the compound, she has being having issues with Grace and every efforts to resolve the matter by their neighbours failed.

At the weekend when their quarrel started again, and the two women exchanged hot words before Loveline boasted that she knew much about Grace husband’s private.

Some of their neighbours expressed surprise how Loveline got the accurate description of Grace husband’s private since they had not suspected any amoral affairs between them.

Some said that there must be something between Loveline and the man, otherwise she would not have got it right as was confirmed by Grace.

However, the statement attracted much negative reactions from some of their neighbours who were against Loveline for making such revelation no matter the level of provocation by Grace.

But others said it was good that the secret was revealed so that other female neighbours will watch their husbands to avoid what happened to Grace.

When our correspondent contacted Loveline, she admitted that she revealed it because Grace provoked her by calling her an irresponsible woman.

She declined to speak whether there was anything between her and Grace’s husband.

P. M. Express reports that the man in question attempted to report the matter to the police but he was prevented by their neighbours not to do so.

It was learnt that Grace has vowed to quit the marriage if her husband did not get accommodation elsewhere because of the shame.



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