Senator Shehu Sani, backs Charly boy’s protest against President Buhari’s absence

The Protest by Charly Boy and others have been backed by Senator Shehu Sani, the protest was aimed against President Muhammadu Buhari’s absence from the country for more than 90 days have the constitutional right to do so.

In a facebbook post on Monday, Senator Sani said the protesters were only exercising their fundamental human right.

Charly Boy and other protesters on Monday embarked on a peaceful march to the Presidential Villa in Abuja demanding the return of President Muhammadu Buhari from London, or resign from office if he cannot continue.

Read Senator Sani’s facebook post here:

”Those protesting for the President to resume or resign have the constitutional and fundamental rights to do so.But the President had properly handed over power to the acting president before he travelled on Medical vacation.I fully respect the rights of protesters to object but I appeal to them to step down their placard and pick up a prayer book for our president.He has given so much and sacrificed so much for our country and this is the time to stand by him when it’s telling on his health.For a man who has given the better part of his life for our unity and for our progress, it’s not much if we show him love, care and understanding in his trying moments.”

Source: ( PM News )


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