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In a seemingly act of bestiality, an Indian man who lost his wife not long ago has gotten married to an animal that shares similar features with his wife.

An Indian man, Chidhatma Basu, had during a ceremony in Bangalore India married a female rat.
Basu who lost his wife in a car accident in January married the rat because it is believed to be a reincarnation of his deceased wife.
According to Worldnews, the 41 year old and father of four was completely devastated for months, until one day, he made an unusual encounter with the rat.
He said, “This little female rat showed up on my doorstep, and it had my wife’s eyes and nose.”
Mr. Basu says he rapidly understood that the rodent was the reincarnation of his deceased wife because he offered it his wife’s favorite cookies, and it devoured it just like she would have done.
He claims the animal was immediately affectionate and even looked at him the same way that his wife did.
A Hindu priest who performed the ceremony, saying that Mr. Basu is extremely lucky as they assured him that the rat was indeed his reincarnated wife.
The unusual ceremony despite being criticized is entirely legal under Indian law.

Source: Tori


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