Popular Pastor spends over N4.3 Billion on New Mansions, Shows off Luxury Cars (Photos)

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is arguably one of the richest pastors in Africa has just proved his worth by acquiring a house reportedly worth billions of Naira.

The controversial preacher who is also the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church(ECG) in Malawi, seems to enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle.

Prophet Bushiri who already owns three private jets which he acquired in the space of two years, recently purchased a mansion reportedly worth $12million (about N4.3billion).

A post showing the preacher, his wife and some of his exotic cars, was shared on Facebook by Zimbabwe Today, who asked their followers if they think giving tithes benefits their pastors.

See pictures below:



  1. this is to proven that Africa is developing faster. that a man of God as they claim to be will used public money to the tune of 4.5 billion naira to built a house. The question here is, what is the living standard of the church members?

  2. HMmmm. ! Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Prophetes Mary Bushiri, Prophet and prophetess Ubert Angel. ! miracle or mag..? Angel or Demon? Truth or Deceit? Paradise or Hell fire? No Holiness, Salvation. soso miracles, soso visions.
    The latest and trendy miracle now is Miracle Money. (perhaps from the marine world) Ha ! God have mercy!
    Everything will soon end. The Lord!’s day, the Glorious Day, the fearful day, the Judgement Day is at hand. all these worldly and canal wealth is vanity. The Book of Proverbs says what shall it profit a man, who inherits the whole worldly things, but loses his soul? …’

  3. Every blessing comes from,…if God can not blessed his servant who will,…i receive this types of anointing upon MAJOR 1, in Jesus name. SHEPHERD BUSHIRI is a great man of God with an exemplary life,……I don’t know why christian are dyeing in poverty,….that is not my portion as a Christian believer,.. Satan go to hail with your poverty and with does who don’t believe that God can blessed them……………………………………………………………………….May every one who oppose MAJOR 1 for preaching prosperity to christian die in poverty in jesus name Amen…

  4. Do you guys not realize that he is a successful businessman and doesn’t believe the church should pay for his needs? We’re so quick to judge before looking into people.


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